Last week, a white TikToker shared a video comparing how Black and white people approach grabbing a product at the grocery store, and Black Twitter is not happy about it.

In the clip, the content creator, who’s name appears to be Damian, first demonstrates how a white person would complete the task. He approaches the shelf, takes the spray, smells it and walks away with it. However, when he mimics how a Black person would get it, he grabs the spray, smells and shakes it, and proceeds to reach for a spray at the back of the row and walk off with it.


The video went viral with the quickness, raking up over 10 million views in the three days since it went live.


Comparing Black and white culture seems to be Damian’s thing on social media. He has several videos examining how the two racial groups are different, many of which have gone viral.

Though response to the video was generally positive in the comments on TikTok, it was more mixed on Twitter. On the latter, some thought it was genius, while others found it offensive.

“I feel naked and exposed,” a Black Twitter user wrote in the viral tweet that shared the video.

“And he showed the exact reason why. Don’t want the can everybody done picked up and sniffed,” one tweeted.

“I remember when my mom would teach me that! But I don’t blame her, because depending on the product the ones in the front may already been running out or other people may have touch it (eg vasaline, some lotions in tubs) already,” another added.


“Everyday on this app I’m amazed at how much we all have in common without discussing it likeeee how is this a universal experience,” a viewer shared.

But, as previously mentioned, not everyone was a fan of the content.

“Idk this seems a lil too racist-y for me. These are recycled jokes that Black people have made about ourselves on Twitter for the longest time so some white kid using them to make TikToks and jokes at our expense doesn’t sit right with me,” one user wrote.

“Agreed. Because how would he know? And why would he feel comfortable making a joke about it?” a user responded.


One viewer even suggested that Damian is appropriating Black culture in the clip.

“I need to come up with a phrase for this like “The New Blackface” to describe the use of black culture and voices by YTs on TikTok. Bc if we’re being honest, it’s blackface without the face paint,” they wrote.

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