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President Biden continues to be lambasted for refusing to take even partial responsibility for multiple mounting crises, as gas prices crossed the $5 per gallon mark in many states amid unending inflation.

Over the weekend, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg rebuffed claims the administration could substantively act to bring Americans some relief, remarking that there isn’t a “dial in the Oval Office” to adjust gas prices. Instead, he criticized oil executives.

On “The Five,” co-host Jesse Watters said it is incredulous to see Biden continue to claim he cannot do much to help assuage the current situation.

“You can’t tell the American people there’s nothing you can do if you’re the leader of the free world. We gave you the House, the Senate… the White House,” he said. “We gave you a recovering economy. And now all of a sudden, there’s nothing you can do. Come on. No one understands that.”


President Biden during a press conference in 2021

Watters added that while Biden and his cabinet continue to cite purported inability to fix the crises, they simultaneously claim they can “lower the world’s temperature” by transforming the U.S. into reliance on green energy.

On inflation, Watters said Biden had the chance to relieve Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell of his duties when his term recently expired but chose to retain the Trump appointee.

“The guy choked on inflation,” he said of Powell. “It’s like hiring a drunk pilot – He’s already lost control of the plane. You think he’s going to stick the landing at this point?”


Biden's Rehoboth Beach house

Biden’s Rehoboth Beach house
(Fox News Digital)

Biden’s latest four-day weekend in Rehoboth Beach, Del., plus reports of complaints he has not been able to hold more public events, only reinforces his negative public perception, the panel discussed.

The president recently reportedly complained of his approval rating being lower than Donald Trump’s lowest mark.

In addition, MSNBC host Jonathan Lemire claimed White House “morale… is plummeting” over fears regarding repeated comparisons between Biden and Jimmy Carter, who governed during a notoriously disastrous period for the U.S. economy.


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has faced criticism for alleged inaction in Biden's crises.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has faced criticism for alleged inaction in Biden’s crises.
(Drew Angerer/Getty)

Of Joe Biden’s repeated trips to Rehoboth as the elections approach, Watters remarked, “Delaware is not a swing state.”

The last Republicans to hold congressional office there were Rep. Mike Castle and Sen. William V. Roth Jr. — namesake of the Roth IRA – more than a decade ago.

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