Freelance journalist and University of Colorado Denver lecturer Simon Moya-Smith insisted that laws against homosexuality and abortions did not exist among Indigenous people “before White people.”

The Columbia Journalism alum suggested that White people were the ones who introduced efforts against homosexuality and abortion after invading Indigenous peoples’ land. 

“Before white people came to this land, there were no jails, no homelessness, no laws against homosexuality or abortion. For thousands of years, Indigenous peoples emphasized health, housing, freedom to love who you love and the fact that we need Mother Earth. She doesn’t need us,” Moya-Smith tweeted.

Some social media users, however, pointed out that Indigenous tribes warring with one another and how a majority of tribes have not legalized gay marriage. 

A woman wearing Native American clothing attends a “No Honor in Racism Rally” march in front of TCF Bank Stadium before an NFL football game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Kansas City Chiefs, Oct. 18, 2015, in Minneapolis.  (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


National Review staff writer Nate Hochman wrote, linking a report, “Tribal lands are some of the last places in America where gay marriage isn’t legal. Obergefell legalized it in the rest of the country, but less than 10% of the 500+ tribes have done the same. From a 2015 piece on the Navajo Nation—where gay marriage remains illegal to this day.”

“You are in a cult. Seek help,” columnist Scott Morefield commented.

Center for Immigration Studies executive director Mark Krikorian wrote, “I assume this is a joke, but you never know.”

“This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read,” journalist Ian Miles Cheong declared.

“Tribal warfare. Lawlessness. Starvation. Death from exposure. Predation from wildlife. Life expectancy around 30. Yeah, it was f—ing paradise,” Western Standard columnist Cory Morgan joked.

Members of the Assembly of First Nations perform in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican, Thursday, March 31, 2022. 

Members of the Assembly of First Nations perform in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, Thursday, March 31, 2022.  (AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino))

Though Moya-Smith did not respond to any backlash to the tweet, he offered another tweet regarding Native American land on Saturday.

“No matter where you live in North America, you are living on stolen Native land,” Moya-Smith wrote.


He has previously tweeted criticism at pop culture’s portrayal of Native Americans.

“Paranormal reality show: ‘We’re here in a house which was apparently built on Native American burial grounds,’” Moya-Smith tweeted on Friday. “Translated: ‘We’re going to blame Indians for sh-t our ancestors did.’”

On Feb. 23, he wrote, “A black family fled a plantation. They happened upon a Native camp and were welcomed/incorporated into the tribe. Later, a posse of white men showed up. ‘You have our property,’ they said. ‘Did someone steal a saddle?’ a warrior asked. Then, a battle. My elder told me this story.”

“White people appropriated the symbol of the eagle from Indigenous nations. They even made it an emblem for a nation they ‘built’ on the land they stole. Meanwhile, the @Chiefs revel in a racist chant. If the @NFL really wants to ‘End Racism,’ ban the chop and change the name,” Moya-Smith wrote on Feb. 2 regarding the Kansas City Chiefs.

Native American activists have attacked the Kansas City Chiefs prior to their Super Bowl game in February.

Native American activists have attacked the Kansas City Chiefs prior to their Super Bowl game in February. (Paul Bereswill/Getty Images)


Native American activist groups have similarly attacked the Kansas City Chiefs, particularly after the team successfully made it to the Super Bowl last month. In an opinion piece for the Rolling Stone on Feb. 12., Rhonda LeValdo wrote, “With another Super Bowl coming up, the Kansas City football team once again chooses to make a mockery of Native cultures and people with their ‘arrowhead’ chop, offensive name, and overall bastardizing of our traditions.”

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