An Illinois house with a perfectly normal exterior is turning heads of folks on Twitter thanks to its elaborate interior.

The four-bedroom, three-bathroom house — listed for $699,900 in Orland Park — is extremely extra in a very 17th century French decor sort of way while its outside presents a very unassuming, classic suburban look.

The thing is, that inside decor isn’t consistent throughout the entire 3,590-square-foot house, the pictures show. (We won’t even ask why there’s a refrigerator in one of the bathrooms, but we’re sure it’s convenient.)

But the home isn’t without its highlights, which include:

The home was featured on The Best of Zillow, a Twitter account that highlights unique houses on the real estate market, and people were amused.

”’We have Bridgerton at home,’” Best of Zillow joked in their tweet while posting photos of the interior. “The Bridgerton at home:”

Quite a transition from the kitchen to the formal dining room,” one person said.

The whole house looks like your great grandmothers closet of Christmas decor threw up on it,” another joked.

Makes my eyes water,” someone noted.

“I think I noticed a refrigerator…in the bathroom?” one person asked.

Make it stop,” another said.

My eyes hurt,” someone tweeted.

Orland Park is about 25 miles southwest of Chicago.

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