A 13-year-old girl shot in the head was a witness to the fatal traffic cone attack on a 73-year-old man, several Pennsylvania media outlets report.

The Philadelphia Police Department said the girl was shot on the evening of July 22 in Germantown, a northern neighborhood of Philadelphia, according to a news release.

The girl was shot once “behind the right ear and through the jaw,” police said.

She was taken to a nearby hospital and, per the release, remains in stable condition.

According to CBS Philly, police confirmed the girl was on the scene of the fatal traffic cone attack on James “Simmie” Lambert on June 22.

Video of the incident showed a group of seven teens attacking Lambert with a traffic cone, repeatedly beating him while appearing to film themselves. Lambert died from the injuries.

Following the incident, four teens turned themselves in, with two 14-year-olds being charged with murder, Fox 29 reported.

The victim of the shooting has not been charged in the June attack, ABC6 reported.

In a July 25 news release, police said they have “no information at this time to confirm the two incidents are connected.”

The new shooting is still under investigation with no arrests made and no weapons recovered, according to the release.

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