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“Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Pete Hegseth details the “destruction” of government education and how the left has weaponized the classroom as a means to control the political sphere in his new book, “Battle for the American Mind.”

Hegseth’s co-author David Goodwin joined Hegseth to discuss how progressives have impacted education over the course of a century and how that has impacted the public forum. 

“One of the most important things is that this was intentional, that they knew what they were doing,” Goodwin told Hegseth on Sunday. “They actually wrote about it in The New Republic, and there was a debate going back and forth between various progressives at the time. And they said, if we’re going to control the political means of this country, we have to control the education system.”


“And it took research all the way back to 1915 to see that, but then it unfolded over the course,” he continued. 

Earlier, Sunday, Hegseth held a panel interview with students who received a classical Christian education to discuss the influence of their faith-based education amid the progressives’ push to overhaul the system. 

“Students across the country are missing out on the true essence of literature, because… it’s a viewpoint into history, and it’s a viewpoint into people’s worldviews and ideas at the time,” Sarah Jacob, a graduate from Veritas Academy, said. “And in my school at least, we were taught to grapple with and wrestle with those ideas, and it made us people who understand more fully what we believe and what other people believe.”


Noah Settelen, a Philadelphia Classical School student, highlighted how his education has provided an inclusive view of the world and all “sides of history.”

“I would like to think that we learn all sides of the story and that we get to focus on every aspect of what… has happened in the past and what is happening today,” Settelen said. “And then we look at that through the eyes of the ancient Greeks and the eyes of just the wise men who have come before us, rather than the eyes of the people of today who are telling us that this is right and this is what needs to be true, when there really is no objective truth today.”

“Truth is what society has made it,” Settelen said.

A new episode of Fox Nation’s “MisEducation in America” will air Sunday night at 10 PM ET on the Fox News Channel. The episode will be available to stream on Fox Nation for subscribers immediately thereafter. 

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