Ukrainian intelligence has posted a new intercepted Russian conversation which indicates that some conscripts are being tricked into taking part in the war against Ukraine.

Source: Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine on Telegram

Details: In the telephone conversation, the Russian’s wife urges her husband to refuse to take part in the war and tells him about what happened in one military unit in Russia.

Quote from the Russian woman: “Many, many people wrote reports. They were loaded onto KAMAZ trucks, and it was like, we’ll drive you to the airport to send you home. And they were heading for Ukraine in these closed KAMAZ trucks. They realised on the way and started jumping right out of the vehicle, because there was a tank at the head of the convoy. Then the firing into the air started.”

Details: According to the woman, some of the recruits returned on foot and tried to contact the law enforcement agencies.

Quote: “They were held there for several days like prisoners. And when word got out, they said they were being taken to do repair work.”

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