Parental rights. It’s a term that burst into the public consciousness in recent years. This year alone, 82 bills have been introduced in 26 states under the banner of parental rights. On issues such as masking, vaccine mandates, critical race theory and book bans, parents are showing up at school board meetings to demand a greater say in their children’s education and lives. And it has coalesced into a powerful political force on the right.

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Long before parents’ rights took center stage during the Covid pandemic, it was a cause championed overwhelmingly by the Christian home-schooling community. Will Estrada grew up in rural Pennsylvania in a family of eight home-schooled kids. Today he’s the president of the Parental Rights Foundation. In this episode, Estrada talks about the movement’s roots and why he believes the Democratic Party is missing an opportunity, and he answers Lulu Garcia-Navarro’s biggest question: Are parents’ rights truly rights for all parents, no matter their politics?

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