A Russian serviceman says in an intercepted conversation that several battalions are being withdrawn from the combat zone due to high losses, and three battalions are to be made into one.

Source: intercepted phone call posted by the Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence

Quote: “Now they’ve withdrawn the battalions, they’ll make one out of three, because … there are no people left. And then, f**k knows whether they’ll make one.”

Details: The Russian soldier complains that 2,000 reinforcements have arrived in six months, of which 500 at most are still there.

He says that psychologists will be working with the personnel for 10 days since no one wants to go back to Ukraine.

The occupier also complains about the new artillery systems being used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Quote: “Two days ago it flew into the building. They fire some kind of sh*t, you hear f**k-all when it’s coming out… Just two seconds – bam. Some kind of MLRS, like a Grad or Uragan. Only it’s silent. Everything they say on TV about our losses being minimal, that’s all crap.”

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