Sean Hannity explained the complete “disarray” that Democrats are in with the 2024 election approaching and how Republicans have already begun to enter the race on “Hannity.”


SEAN HANNITY: Now, the 80-year-old sitting president just won’t say whether he plans to run for a second term, although his wife Jill, said it for him. That does not exactly inspire any confidence in me. But if he ultimately does decide to run, it looks like it’ll be back to the basement bunker for Joey, who is reportedly now enlisting prominent Democrats to travel and speak on his behalf because he’s likely not capable. Look at this number. 

Already 68% of you, the American people, think that Joe is way too old to run for reelection. And in a poll released only last month, 16. That’s it. Only 16% said that they were better off financially under Joe Biden. Now, remember, with or without Biden, the 2024 election is well underway.

President Joe Biden speaks during the annual House Democrats Issues Conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel March 1, 2023 in Baltimore, Maryland. Biden spoke on a range of issues, including bipartisan legislation passed in the first two years of his presidency (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Donald Trump just released that ad. Now, he did announce his bid last November. We also have Nikki Haley. We have Vivek Ramaswamy who’s running. A few others are officially in the race. Look for Senator Tim Scott, former VP Mike Pence, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, possibly Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, Larry Hogan, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie, New Hampshire Governor Sununu, all possible contenders. 

And we will know by this time next year who’s likely to get the nomination anyway. Both DeSantis and Trump are poised to visit Iowa this month. That is the site of the first Republican caucus and multiple polls. Now the duo are leading one into the Republican field with Trump, the latest Fox News poll, in first place. And while Republicans are moving full steam ahead, Democrats, they are in complete disarray. Now with Joe Biden’s approval rating underwater. 


He is in deep trouble. And by the way, seeking a second term is not exciting pretty much anybody. 

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